What Kind Of Situation Do People Need Our Disposable Coverall?

- Jun 02, 2016-

Last year our disposable coverall has a great sale in European and American markets.

Our disposable coverall is made from high-performance isolation protective material ,such as PP, PP+PE, SMS, Microporous materials and usually produced by two kinds processes: sewing and ultrasound thermal bonding.


In light-duty situations, people could choose disposable coverall that is made of lightweight, economical spunbond polypropylene that provides protection against dust as well as direct and incidental aerosol mist. This type of disposable protective clothing is used in cleaning, sanding, dirty repair works, dusty environments like grain and mill operations, or light painting. Disposable coverall could be worn over a person’s clothing and zip up the front. Even some special disposable coveralls have the added protection of elastic closures at the wrist and ankle, others have open wrists ans ankles. We could product the styles as customers’ request. You could chose the style that is most appropriate for the situation and the best degree of protection you need.