The Main Point Of Choosing Bed Sheets

- Jun 04, 2019-

Coarse national sheets - the most popular among middle-aged

Almost every Chinese family has a peony pattern or a phoenix-patterned cotton sheet. This old-fashioned bed sheet used to be owned by your family. I have it at home and every family, so it is affectionately called "National Bed Sheet". . Because the national bed sheets are woven from yarns, they are thick and durable. The patterns are mostly flowers, elegant and generous, so they are very popular among you.

Cotton sheets - the most comfortable choice

At present, the three kinds of fabrics of cotton, polyester and blended fabrics on the market are more common. Among them, cotton sheets are the most comfortable and most breathable, so most families choose cotton sheets when choosing bed sheets. Cotton sheets are also the most economical and the most widely used.

Polyester sheets - easy to wash and dry, low price

Polyester is a kind of synthetic fiber. Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric used in daily life. The biggest advantage is that the wrinkle resistance and shape retention are very good. The polyester sheets have good performance, smooth and crisp, easy to wash and dry, but also have hard touch, poor touch, soft gloss, poor breathability, poor moisture absorption, etc. Disadvantages.