One-time PE Aprons Also Have A Shelf Life

- Jul 18, 2019-

Generally, the disposable PE apron has a shelf life of two years. Disposable gloves placed for more than two years cannot be used continuously. Because of the long-term placement of the disposable apron, the mold formed will be full of appearance, which has great threat to the health of the human body. It may form a human condition. Not only disposable PE aprons, disposable gloves, etc., but also many disposable products have a shelf life. For example, the shelf life of disposable lunch boxes is about 4 months. The shelf life of disposable tablecloths is about 6 months. The normal disposable toothbrush shelf life of the hotel. About 8 months, the shelf life of disposable masks is relatively long, can reach a year or so, and even one-time combs have a one-year shelf life. These disposable products can not expire, otherwise it will affect people's health.