New Fashion:color Face Mask

- Jan 29, 2021-

Mask has become a necessity of life, it is like clothes, everyone has to wear a mask every day.

Masks have become a new fashion item, along with clothes, hats and shoes.Now mask manufacturers can produce masks in all colors and all kinds of beautiful patterns, red, yellow, green, purple, rainbow colors, all kinds of cute printing patterns

One shop in Hong Kong sells only one item: disposable masks.The store display is as attractive as a clothing store or a makeup store.This shop attracts many customers to line up outside the door every day.


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What is the demand for colored and printed face masks in your market?As a manufacturer with more than ten years of production and export experience, we can customize masks according to customers' needs, welcome your inquiry, we can also provide sample service.We have product test report and CE certificate.

color face mask