Is It Necessary To Buy Disposable Sheets

- Apr 04, 2019-

For the traveler and the business traveler, the Express Hotel has become a place to go. Neat beds and clean bathrooms all give a feeling of home. However, this is only a superficial phenomenon. The seemingly white sheets and towels in the hotel often nourished countless bacteria and chemical residues, and the degree of filth is often beyond your imagination. How dirty are these white towels and sheets? Make sure you haven't just eaten before looking down. Towels = rags, wipe the cups and wipe the cups For hotel guests, towels and bath towels are rubbing their faces, but for hotel cleaning service personnel, it may be a rag that wipes the toilet and floor. The hotel room service staff is based on the principle of saving the province and the nearest, often using towels to clean the bathroom floor and toilet. Of course, if the towel is too small, change the large bed linen, there is always one for you.

If the linen towel itself is very clean, then the trouble of washing is eliminated, and the laundry will iron the clean linen directly, and then return it to the hotel after packaging. Lao Zhang, who has been engaged in hotel linen washing for many years, said that every time he goes out to live in the hotel, he will definitely bring a full set of disposable towels, disposable towels or even disposable sheets. Whether the sheets and towels in the hotel are clean or not, ordinary people can not distinguish any difference whether they look at them with a magnifying glass or use their noses. Only the insiders can see the tricks.

Therefore, if you live in a hotel in the future, you don't have to worry about checking the hygiene. It is not a connoisseur, and you can't figure out how to ponder it. It’s the right way to bring a set of toiletries and sheets to cover.