How Long Is It Necessary To Wash The Sheets

- Mar 20, 2019-

How to remove these bacteria and viruses? The best way is to wash the sheets often. How often do you wash your sheets? How do you wash? The frequency of paper cleaning must be very high. It is best to wash once a week. Of course, if you can't arrange the time, clean it at least twice a week, pay attention to the correct method when washing the sheets. In general, when you use the cover to change sheets, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp rag to clean the hair, dandruff, etc. that are stuck to the mattress.

Once there are stains, you can also rub some soap in those dirty places, then take a dry cloth to absorb, of course, you can also take a hair dryer to dry those wet places to prevent mold or smell. If the economic conditions are better, you can also lay a layer of clean mattress first, then put the sheets on the mattress, which can prevent the mattress from getting wet, can achieve the effect of sweat absorption, and is easier to clean. In addition, the sheets should be soaked in warm water with detergent liquid before cleaning to achieve better sterilization effect.