Great Helper In Hazy Weather--Disposable Active Carbon Mask

- May 06, 2016-

The disposable active carbon mask looks similar with the normal disposable non woven face masks. But it is made of 4-layers, inside and outside layers are PP non woven, inside middle layer is high standard N99 filter paper, outside middle layer is active carbon filter paper. With ear-loop style.


Disposable active carbon mask has very low resistance to breathing, free from foreign smell, without any stimulating feeling. Use ultrasonic welding technology, it is very comfortable wearing. The BFE (Bacteria filtration efficiency) > 99% .


Active carbon is a porous material containing carbon, which has a strong adsorption power, per gram of activated carbon adsorption area as much as the equivalent of eight tennis courts. Active carbon can use its physical and chemical properties of the combined with targeted the adsorption which be helpful for human body and release oxygen factor. It also can protect the breath form toxic gas, dust, irritant and carcinogen substances and from contaminated, it is also can be radiation protection, chemical resistance and anti-mildew and so on.


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