Disposable Plastic Aprons Also Have A Shelf Life

- Jun 20, 2019-

Generally, the disposable plastic apron has a shelf life of two years. Disposable gloves placed for more than two years cannot be used any more. Because the disposable apron is placed for a long time, the mold will be full of surface and pose a great threat to the health of the human body. May cause human illness. Not only disposable plastic aprons, disposable plastic gloves, etc., but also many disposable products have shelf life, such as the shelf life of disposable lunch boxes is about 4 months, the shelf life of disposable tablecloths is about 6 months, the hotel's ordinary disposable toothbrushes The shelf life is about 8 months. The shelf life of disposable masks is relatively long and can reach about one year. Even the one-time combs have a one-year shelf life. These disposable products cannot expire, otherwise it will affect people's health.