China Has Signed 15 FTA Agreements Involving 23 Countries And Regions

- Aug 18, 2017-

Since July, there have been three consecutive negotiations on the FTA agreement in Beijing, involving the second round of negotiations on China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, the second round of China-Israel Free Trade Area negotiations, China-Chile Free Trade Agreement for the second round of the upgrade negotiations.

Specifically, the second round of China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement to upgrade negotiations, the two sides around the technical barriers to trade, customs procedures and trade facilitation, rules of origin, trade in services, investment, competition policy, e-commerce, agricultural cooperation, Procurement and other issues to start consultations.

China - the second round of negotiations on the Israeli free trade area, the two sides on trade in goods, trade in services and natural persons move, trade relief, economic and technological cooperation, e-commerce, dispute settlement and other legal issues such as consultations.

China-Chile Free Trade Agreement on the second round of the negotiations, the two sides on the trade in goods, trade in services, economic and technological cooperation, rules of origin, customs procedures and trade facilitation and competition policy, environment, e-commerce, government procurement and other issues Conducted in-depth consultations.