Blood Strip Cleaning Method For Disposable Sheets

- May 14, 2019-

Wash with soap or 10% potassium iodide solution or mix with white radish juice or chopped carrots to remove the blood on the clothes; use 10% tartaric acid solution to wipe the stain, then wash with cold water, etc. . The old blood can be washed with oxalic acid and washed with lemon juice and salt water. The old blood stains turned dark brown, because the iron in the hemoglobin was oxidized in the air, producing rust. The juice also contains iron, which is contaminated with oxygen in the air and produces brown rust spots. Therefore, the stains caused by blood, juice and rust can be washed with oxalic acid, which turns rust into a colorless substance and dissolves into the water.

The blood stain on the white garment can be diluted with 1 part of sodium thiosulfate and 50 parts of water. After mixing, it is diluted and dissolved and heated to 35 ° C. The white clothes are immersed until the blood color disappears, and then washed with water. The fabric can also be immersed in a 3% vinegar solution, placed for 12 hours, and then rinsed with water, the effect is also very good. Whether it is a new trace or a trace, it can be cleaned with sulfur saponin.

Newly bought disposable sheets generally have an odor, which is the smell of formaldehyde. In the process of producing disposable sheets, the addition of formaldehyde is used to prevent the fabric from being wrinkled. Therefore, the newly purchased disposable sheets should be washed with salt water and washed before use. Because the new disposable sheets may have carcinogens in the anti-wrinkle treatment - formaldehyde. In high-pressure, high-temperature environment, the combination of formaldehyde molecules and cotton fiber molecules can produce anti-wrinkle effect. However, if the treatment process is not rigorous enough, or the cleaning is not clean after treatment, the formaldehyde monomer will be released from the fabric, and even the fabric itself will have formaldehyde. According to research, formaldehyde can cause cancer in addition to diseases such as cough and allergic rhinitis. Salt can be disinfected, sterilized, and cotton-proof cloth fading, so it is best to soak it in salt water before using new disposable sheets. For good health, don't be afraid of trouble, or should be prevention-oriented.