Indonesian Customs Frequently Check! Foreign Trade Enterprises Should Pay Attention!

- Jan 04, 2018-

The certificate of origin of the china-asean free trade area is a document which conforms to the country's standard of origin and proves the origin of the goods when it is sent to the southeast Asian market. Holding this certificate will enable the product to enjoy preferential tariff reduction policies within the asean region and effectively enhance the competitiveness of export commodities. It's literally "paper gold." The same is true in Indonesia. 

Learned, issued by the Indonesian customs "return card inquiry" query by content mainly focused on the question of origin certificate standard, the product is in accordance with the rules of direct shipment and a certificate of origin do not tally with the invoice content and so on.

The frequent withdrawal of the Indonesian customs has a great impact on our export enterprises. Some export enterprises can enjoy tariffs, but because of the application of the china-asean free trade area preferential certificate of origin is Indonesia customs return the query and cancel the preferential tariff measures, leading to export enterprises have to pay the corresponding duties, make the enterprise benefit severely damaged.


Reminded export Indonesia China surgical mask manufacturers, China disposable clothing manufacturers and China disposable suit manufacturers: informed of the latest trends, Indonesia customs to strengthen the standard name, country of origin of the goods declaration, transportation route to fill in check, avoid the certificate in which unknown cause problems such as Indonesia customs return the query.