What details should you pay attention to when wearing a mask

- Jun 05, 2019-

Masks should be familiar to everyone, and we often use them in daily life. However, many consumers often ignore some details when using masks, so today's small masks of disposable masks will give users a brief introduction of the details to be aware of when wearing masks.

Wash your hands before and after wearing the mask; keep the mask close to the face: the colored side of the mask faces outwards with the metal side facing up. Tighten the power cord or wrap the rubber band around the ear so that the mask is close to the face; the mask should cover the mouth, nose and chin completely; press the metal piece of the mask along the sides of the bridge of the nose to bring the mask close to the face.

After wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask to reduce its protective effect; if you must touch the mask, wash your hands thoroughly before touching. When taking the underlying film, avoid touching the outside portion of the mask as it may be contaminated with bacteria. After taking the film, place it in a tape or paper bag and discard it in a covered trash can. Replace the mask at least once a day. If the mask is damaged or dirty, replace it immediately.