User misunderstanding of dust mask awareness

- Aug 07, 2019-

Everyone should know something about dust masks. It is literally to prevent dust in the air from being inhaled into the human body and affecting people's health. However, many users often have certain misunderstandings when using dust masks. So what are the misunderstandings? The small masks of the disposable masks will be introduced to the users briefly, hoping to help everyone.

The thicker the filter cotton of the dust mask, the better the protection effect? No. The filter efficiency of filter cotton cannot be judged by the appearance. Many filter cottons are thin and light, but their filtration efficiency is very high. Some masks, such as some gauze masks, are thick, but their dustproof effect is not ideal.

Can the dust mask be cleaned? No. Do not clean the filter material of the respirator at any time. The protective masks are all new masks at the time of purchase, and the masks after each cleaning are not re-inspected, so the protective performance of the cleaned masks is not guaranteed.

Is the dust mask suitable for any concentration of dust? No. In GB/T 18664-2002 "Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protection products", it is stipulated that the dust concentration applicable to the dust-proof half mask should not exceed 10 times the national occupational health standard, and the dust applied to the dust-proof full face mask The concentration should not exceed 100 times the occupational health standard.