N95 and KN95 masks with respirator, are they effective against viruses?

- Feb 26, 2020-

N95/KN95 masks are divided into two types: with and without respirator.As long as it is a qualified product, the same level of protection of the mask, whether with or without a respirator, its protective effect is the same, the difference between them is the resistance to breathing and wear comfort.

People suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, heart disease or other diseases accompanied by symptoms of breathing difficulties, the elderly and pregnant women, etc. should use N95 mask with  caution. But  If you have to use one , choose an N95 mask with a respirator, which can greatly reduce respiratory resistance, reduce the user's breaavething pressure, and make wearing more comfortable.

If wearing masks without respiratore, time grows, there may be water in the mask, breathing heat accumulation, respiratory resistance increased, accompanied by discomfort, below this kind of circumstance, can try to buy N95 respirator with breather valve, because as long as it is qualified products, had breathing valve can not affect the wearer's respiratory protection.It's just an N95 mask with a breathing valve that doesn't protect people around.

Of course, whether to buy a respirator or not depends on two things:

If you are a healthy person, whether you buy an N95 mask with or without a respirator valve, the difference lies in your comfort when you wear it. Wearing an N95 mask with a respirator valve can also block the virus from the mask.

If it is a virus, for the health of people around, should choose  N95 mask without respirator, because wear breathing valve N95 mask, when virus breathing, breath not be mask filter, but directly to the air, will likely bacteria or viruses, breathe out into the surrounding air, make the people around you have been infected.

In addition, not all masks labeled N95 can protect against germs.N95 masks are divided into two types, one is a biological mask, also known as N95 medical protective mask, and the other is a dust mask.