How should children choose dust masks for parents

- Jul 23, 2019-

It is ineffective to look at the quality when choosing, and wearing a dust mask is not good enough. At present, China has not established relevant standards for children's special dust masks. Most of the "special child (anti-mite) masks" sold on the market are not worthy of this name, but they are only a miniature version of the population coverage, don't be superstitious.

Be sure to pay attention to the size when selecting. If the size of the dust mask is too large or too small, it will directly affect the filtering effect of the dust mask. You should choose a dust mask based on your baby's age and face size. In general, an 8-10 cm mask is perfect for your baby, and it will be better if it is the right size.

When choosing, you should look at the degree of protection of the dust mask. The focus of the dust mask for children is that the filter rating of the dust filter is KN90 and above. In smoky weather, the KN90 mask and the dust mask on it can be used to achieve protection. There are many dust masks on the market today. When purchasing, please be careful to choose a dust mask that meets the KN90 rating or higher.

Finally, choose a mask with a breathing valve and buy a dust mask with a breathing valve. A dust mask with a breathing valve reduces heat and moisture build-up and reduces breathing resistance. When wearing a dust mask with a dust mask, the dust mask is dry and moisture-free, comfortable and hygienic. It can also reduce respiratory resistance, which is good for children's breathing and is more conducive to the healthy growth of children.