Disposable sleeves change the face of our lives

- Mar 03, 2019-

Following the progress of people's daily level, the skills are constantly changing, and the development of their sleeve factory is not behind other companies. Now the sleeves of the sleeve factory are getting better and better, more and more different, more and more fashionable. More and more people like it and a lot of applications, there are many kinds of sleeves: PE sleeves, CPE sleeves, TPE sleeves, TPE sleeves, PO sleeves, sleeves wholesale, blue sleeves, waterproof Sleeve, disposable cuff, long sleeve, hand cuff, work cuff, plastic sleeve, half sleeve, medical cuff, etc. In fact, the sleeve can be used to protect the sleeves of the jacket, often work at the desk, sleeves It is often used by workers who are simply worn and worn; it has also been used to protect them from the sun. Of course, the methods and methods used in the sleeves of different sleeve factories are different. In fact, the origins of the sleeves are not paying attention to. This is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people and the embodiment of the industrious and brave Chinese people, so the inventor It is a key consideration and corresponding plan for the hardworking and brave working people.