Classification of disposable shoe covers

- Apr 02, 2019-

Non-woven shoe covers: Non-woven shoe covers are very popular among customers because they use the most new environmental protection materials and they also have anti-static functions. The non-woven printed shoe cover can also be non-slip, practical and elegant, and can be printed with the company logo to achieve a good publicity effect.

Plastic shoe covers: the manufacturing process is simple, the demand is also very large, mostly used for food processing, perhaps the general protection environment.

Non-slip shoe covers: divided into two categories: day slip resistant shoe covers and industrial non-slip shoe covers. Day non-slip shoe covers refer to daily home shoe covers, rain-proof non-slip shoe covers, snow shoe covers, etc.; and industrial non-slip shoe covers are generally suitable for use in factory shops and other wet and greasy environments. According to different environmental characteristics, there are also functions such as flood prevention. It uses all-natural rubber to add new wear-resistant anti-slip materials, combined with the function of rain rubber shoes and disposable plastic shoe covers

Anti-static shoe cover: The raw material fabric is anti-static cloth. The anti-static PVC material is added to the bottom of the shoe cover, which can be wear-resistant and can achieve the functions of anti-slip and anti-static. Suitable for high clean and dust free environments, such as dust-free workshops, laboratories, etc.