Disposable Waterproof Clear Plastic Sleeves

Product Description
Item No:OH-8002
Size:20*40CM or according to your request
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Product Details

Product Parameter


Disposable waterproof clear plastic sleeves


White,blue,other color can be available




20*40cm or according to your request


Sewing ,automatic machine made


PE 6g-13g /PC


100 pcs/bag,2000 pcs/ctn or as your demands

Packing design

All inner bag and carton printing can be as your design


100000 pcs


Can be supplied free for your quality checking within 7 days

Above information is for your reference,if you do not find what you find,pls contact us directly

Product Picture

 313. Disposable waterproof clear plastic sleeves (1)

313. Disposable waterproof clear plastic sleeves (5)



Product Feature

New material production, good toughness, not easy to break, have a certain tension, suitable for kitchen household cleaning, waterproof, oil-proof, convenient and hygienic!


Product Technology:

There are two pairs of welds on the inside of the PE sleeve, four flanges; hot-melt coating on the rubber band, if the woven rubber band is used, the plastic welding is carried out, so that the rubber band and the fabric are bonded and fixed; The elastically weldable fabric is butt welded perpendicular to the plane. Since the utility model changes the traditional processing concept of the Luokou rubber band, the two straight-line elastic ribs are butt-joined to form a developed circle, which replaces the existing annular rubber band or the circumferential edge ring, and the automation thereof The degree is high, there is no human contact and environmental pollution, thus ensuring the hygiene requirements of the product.


Production Process:

First, raw material procurement 

Second, blown film compression molding

Third, product packaging

 Fourth, testing and testing

 Five, qualified products into the warehouse

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