Shoe Covers Disposable

Features of shoe cover:
1, Great elasticity,More durable,Heavy duty, Strong
2, Elastic band and contoured styling
3, Hygienic,Comfortable, Dust free, waterproof
4, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, durable
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Product Details

Basic specifications:




15x36, 40x15 cm, etc.


White, Blue,Green or custom-ed






200000pcs under our common specification


for household, medical, foods, electronics, chemical industries, etc. 

Storage condition

Stored in dry, humidity below 80%, ventilated, non-corrosive gases warehouse


10pcs/roll, 100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton,
Special packing and specification optional





Our Other Products:


Respiratory protection Series: Medical face mask, N95 face mask, Dental face mask, Respiratory face mask, Printed face mask, Fashion face mask etc.
Body Protection Series: coverall, surgical gown, isolation gown, disposable scrub, lab coat, PE apron etc.
Head Protection Series: Doctor's cap, mob cap, bouffant cap, clip cap etc.
Foot Protection Series: PE/CPE shoe cover; non-slip shoe cover, pp shoe cover, plastic shoe cover, Disposable boot etc.


How can I know if I should wear shoe covers?


Check the regulations at your workplace in order to find out the specific rules regarding shoe covers. OSHA often has specific regulations for shoe covers based on the work environment, and employees should be familiar with these standards at all times. If your work requires shoe covers, they should be provided for you by the company. However, you can purchase your own online if your work does not require them but you feel they would bring you benefit. Wear shoe covers to protect your workplace, your shoes, and to keep you safe while you work.


Why it’s necessary to change shoe covers from one place to another?

Disposable shoe covers should also be changed out as employees move from one room to another. In the gardening profession, for example, employees can avoid cross contamination of plant material and bacteria by changing shoe coverings as they move from one job to another. By simply changing disposable shoe covers, time is saved since the employee does not have to wash his shoes, and also the chance of contamination is dramatically decreased, since any bacteria that may have been present in the plant material would have stayed on the shoe cover, not on the employees shoes.

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