Pediatric Surgical Mask

Specially designed for kids with smaller face from age 4 to 12.
Latex Free, Fluid Resistant, Perfect Fitting and High Breathability
Disposable face mask with elastic earloop, Extra Soft for Maximum Comfort Mask with metal in nose position for better fit.
Image is a representation of the Kids Mask, not the actual mask.
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Product Details

Characteristics of disposable medical mask

Ear loop optional

Round elastic earloop

Flat elastic earloop

Tie on earloop

Structure optional

3ply: PP + MB + PP,25+25+25gsm

Nose clip optional

single nose wire
double nose wire
polyethylene nose clip
aluminum nose clip

LOGO optional

Steel seal LOGO

Colored printed LOGO

Size optional

14.5*9.5cm, 12.5x8cm

Color optional

White, blue, green, yellow, pink, black… as requested

Packaging optional

50pcs/box, 40boxes/ctn

50pcs/bag/box, 40boxes/ctn

1pc/bag, 50pcs/bag or box, 2000pcs/ctn

As requested


How to choose face mask for kids?


whether for adults or kids, are one of the most effective and easiest ways to slow the spread of COVID-19Coronavirus is spread through droplets, and face masks stop them from careening from one person to the next.  

The hard part is getting kids to wear face masks. Without an understanding of the life or death consequences of slowing the spread of COVID-19, to kids, (and kid-like adults) face masks might seem like nothing more than an inconvenience. But the best kid’s face masks are comfortable, adjustable, breathable, and most of all, appealing to kids thanks to bright colors and child-friendly patterns.

  These masks are sized down to fit kids’ faces, though many come in a range of sizes. If a kid will be wearing the mask for an extended period of time — say, a whole day at daycare or camp — a mask with ties may be more comfortable than one with ear loops.


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