Disposable Dental Mouth Mask

1. Light weight-Material light and fluffy, smooth on the skin
2. Breathable-dense stomata on surface, no stuffy
3. Soft-Moderate softness, great comfort during prolonged ware
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Product Details

Disposable face mask material specifications:

Fabric Material

Layer 1: Spun bond/Polypropylene
Layer 2: Purpose-made Melt blown
Layer 3: Hydrophilic Nonwoven

Holding Elastics material

Urethane Elastic Fiber with round or flat style, / strong durable elastic ear loop

Nose Bar

1. Polyethylene,

2. Polyethylene with one Iron wire,
3. Polyethylene with two Iron wires
4. Aluminum

Fabric weight

16gsm-40gsm, could be as your request

Ear loop style

Tie on or elastic earloop


White, blue, green, pink,yellow...etc


Quality specifications:




ASTM, EN, Normal standards, as your request

Material gram weight

Layer 1: 35gsm, colored, as your request
Layer 2: 25gsm, or as your request
Layer3: 25gsm, or as your request


Strong durable elastic ear loop


1.Light weight-Material light and fluffy, smooth on the skin

2.Breathable-dense stomata on surface, no stuffy

3.Soft-Moderate softness, great comfort during prolonged ware

4.Three-layer non-fiber-glass filter medium

5.EN 14685 / ASTI standard...

6.Perfect fit


Payment term:


Order value: <USD10000, usually it’s 100% TT in advance

Order value: ≥USD10000, usually it’s 30%-40% TT before production, balance payment before loading.

Other TT terms agreed by supplier and buyer.


When total value of an order above USD50000, the payment term can be LC at sight


DP, DA, we can discuss the details

Industry news

The production steps of acupuncture non-woven fabrics
Based on polyester, polypropylene raw materials, processed by carding, combing, pre-needled main acupuncture. Center plus mesh sandwich, and then double-channel nuclear management, airlaid acupuncture compound into cloth, after press cloth having a three-dimensional structure by heat setting, after singeing the surface most chemically oil processing, the filter cloth the appearance of smooth, uniform pore distribution, on the surface density of the product is good, smooth surface on both sides and a good degree of permeability, filtering uses proven in the compressor frame, you can use high-strength pressure filtration precision up to 4 microns or less, according to user the need to provide the two materials of polypropylene and polyester. Practice has proved that the non-woven filter cloth frame filter press better performance when: Slurry handling cases of coal preparation plant, steel plant wastewater treatment. In the brewery, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment. If there are other specifications filter cloth filter cake pressure quit, and difficult problem of falling, non-woven cloth, the filter cake in the filter unit when the pressure reaches 10kg-12kg is quite dry, while open frame filter press cake It will automatically fall off. Users in the choice of a non-woven fabric, mainly based on the amount of ventilation, filtration precision, elongation to consider different thickness, the quality of non-woven cloth, polyester product parameters please needle felt and polypropylene needle felt, specifications varieties are It can be developed.

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