Disposable 3D Face Mask

3D draping, maintaining breathability
Foldable, easy to carry
There is elasticity at the ear
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3D draping, maintaining breathability

Foldable, easy to carry

There is elasticity at the ear

Layer: 3-Ply

Color: Blue, Green, Pink, White

Material: PP, MB, EP, Flexible non-woven earloop

- Waterproof and Breathable face mask
- Resistant to Oils, Alcohols, Chemicals & Water Moisture
- Filtration efficiency will not be decayed by moisture and other contaminants
- Effective storage time lasts many times longer than current competitive mask

How to use 3D face mask

01. Unfold the mask after check up and down the arrows as shown.

02. Pull both band straps to adjust size of the face and attach them to the ear.

03. After putting it on, move and adjust the mask so that it is sufficiently tight.



1. High quality disposable 3d face mask, customized available.

2. Application: Hospital, dental, clean room, food preparation and industrial environments

3. Our products:

(a) Using advanced machine, fast production

(b) Any color could be made as per client’s request

(c) Personal logos printing are available

(d) Focus on environmental protection, eco-friendly and recycled.


1. Main Process flowing of PP pelletizing

Raw material —— Conveying feeding —— Degassing single screw extruder ——Hydraulic screen exchanger ——Material outing mould —— Single screw extruder —— Hydraulic screen exchanger —— Rub surface granulating machine ——Slip trough ——Centrifugal dewatering machine ——Vibrating screener —— Blowing system —— Storage hopper —— Finished product packing

2. PP (Polypropylene) Nonwoven Fabrics Market Size:

By Product : Spunbonded, Staples, Melt blown, Composite

By Application Hygiene: Baby Diapers, Feminine hygiene products, Adult incontinence products and Wipes, Industrial, Medical, Geotextiles, Furniture, Carpet, Agriculture, and others

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