Colorful Nonwoven Mask

This basic procedure mask provides protection from transfer of microorganisms, fluids and particulate materials while remaining lightweight and comfortable.
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Product Details

This basic procedure mask provides protection from transfer of microorganisms, fluids and particulate materials while remaining lightweight and comfortable.
-Soft, latex-free elastic earloops prevent pressure on ears
-Outer layer provides fluid protection barrier
-Non-woven soft inner layer reduces skin irritation

The details of mask according to your request

Ear loop optional

Round elastic earloop
Flat elastic earloop
Tie on earloop

Structure optional

1ply: PP 30-40gsm
2ply: PP+PP, 20-35gsm
3-ply: PP + MB + PP, 16-35gsm
4ply: PP+PP+MB+PP, 16-35gsm
with face visor or without
with soft foam or without

Nose clip optional

Aingle nose wire
Souble nose wire
Polyethylene nose clip
Aluminum nose clip

Size optional

Adult: 17.5*9.5cm
Child: 14.5*9.5cm

Color optional

White, Blue, Green, Yellow, lilac, Orange, Med blue, burgundy, Fuchsia, Black, Fresh Green, Pink and so on

Packaging optional

50pcs/box, 40boxes/ctn,
50pcs/bag, 100bags/ctn,
1pc/bag, 50bags/box or bag, 2000pcs/ctn, as requested

Why choose us:
15+ years’ experience in manufacturer and exporting disposable protective products
With 3000+ square meters, 100*40HQ capability annual
We treat every customer sincerely.
Whether it's a holiday or a Sunday, if you need it, please contact us directly and I'll try my best to serve you best quality products and fast service.

Industry News

Nonwovens classification
Required by the application, it is divided into non-woven disposable applied and durable two categories.

According to the production process is divided into:
1. Spunlace nonwoven: spunlace process is the high-pressure water jet to a fine layer or multi-layer fiber web so that the fibers entangled with each other, so that the web can be reinforced rather have a certain strength.

2. Thermal non-woven: thermally bonded nonwoven fabric refers to adding web fibrous or powdered hot melt adhesive reinforcement materials, fiber network and then cooled after heating and melting the reinforcement into cloth.

3. Pulp airlaid non-woven fabric: airlaid non-woven fabrics can be called airlaid dry papermaking nonwoven fabric. It is the use of airlaid technology wood pulp fiberboard opener into a single fiber state, and then use the airflow method on the fiber aggregation into a network of screens, fiber network and then reinforcement into cloth.

4. Wet nonwoven fabric: wet nonwoven fabric is placed in an aqueous medium fiber material opening into a single fiber, while the mixing of different fiber materials, made of pulp fiber suspensions, suspended pulp conveyor to form a network organization, fibers in the wet state to network and then reinforcement into cloth.

5. Spunbond nonwoven fabric: spunbonded nonwoven fabric after the polymers have been extruded, stretched to form a continuous filament, the filament laying into a web, the web and then through the self-adhesive, thermal bonding, chemical The method of bonding or mechanical reinforcement, the fiber network into a nonwoven fabric.

6. Meltblown nonwoven: meltblown nonwoven process: the polymer feeding --- melt extrusion --- fiber formation --- fiber cooling --- into the network --- reinforcement into cloth.

7. Non-woven acupuncture: Acupuncture non-woven fabric is a dry non-woven, non-woven fabric is the use of acupuncture needles puncture role fluffy fiber mesh reinforcement into cloth.

8. The nonwoven fabric stitch: stitch non-woven fabric is a dry non-woven fabric, stitch using warp coil structure of the fiber network, yarn layer, non-woven material (such as plastic sheets, plastic thin metal foils, etc.) or a combination thereof reinforcement, to form a nonwoven fabric.

9. The hydrophilic nonwoven fabric: mainly used in the production of medical materials to get a better feel and do not scratch the skin. Such as sanitary napkins, sanitary pads is the use of a hydrophilic nonwoven fabric hydrophilic function.

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