3 Ply Colorful Medical Tie On Mask

Medical tie on mask dimensions: 17.5*9.5cm
Ties length: 39cm
Length of nose barrette: 10-12.5 cm
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Product Details

Item: Disposable face mask

Product Code: OH-0001


Layer 1: Polypropylene 35g, White, Blue, green, pink, yellow...

Layer 2: Purpose-made Melt blown 25g, White

Layer3: hydrophilic Non woven 25g, White


Tie on


Medical tie on mask dimensions: 17.5*9.5cm

Ties length: 39cm

Length of nose barrette: 10-12.5 cm


Light weight-Material light and fluffy, smooth on the skin

Breathable-dense stomata on surface

Soft-Moderate softness, great comfort during prolonged ware

Hygiene-Easy degradation, no pollution of the environment

Hypoallergenic-Optimal for sensitive skin


White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and so on



Normal packing

Carton size

1*40 HQ container can hold (Pcs)

50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/carton


3,280,000 Pcs

50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/carton


2,400,000 Pcs

Remark: all can be special customized according to your actual requirements

Products Description
1. Soft PP is used as the material. The nose clip can adjust comfortable according to the different faces. The ear lace is firm and not easy to fall.
2. It is the best choice of disposable products in the fields of hospital, factory, cosmetology, restaurant, school, environment protection, public places and so on.
3. The valid period of products is 5 years.

Export Markets
It is hot-selling in Europe, America, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, Eastern Asia.

The conformity declaration of products material
In the process of production, Our Company is in strict accordance with some relevant standards to test raw materials, purchased parts as well as main supplementary materials and ensure the substandard materials not in the process of production. From the inspection of test reports, it can make sure the materials used in the production process are complied with relevant standards. Using in clinical trial, no adverse effect happens.

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