Funny Dental Face Mask with Print

-Fashionable Patterns;
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-Fashionable Patterns;



-Easy carry


Basis information of funny dental face mask:

1. Code: OH-0001
2. logo printing: With OEM Logo Printing
3. Size: Adult: 17.5*9.5cm; Child:14.5*9.5cm
4. Style: Elastic ear loop, or tie on ear loop
5. Layer: 3ply: PP 35gsm + MB 25gsm + PP 25 gsm, or as your request
6. Sterile: Non-sterile
7. Certificate: CE, FDA, ISO13485
8. Package: 50pcs/Box, 40boxs/ctn
9. Origin: Hubei, China

Barrier protection for food processing and handling, manufacturing, painting, household cleaning, cooking, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, protective, laboratorial, catering and industrial sectors.

Normal packaging


Normal packing

Carton size

1*40 HQ container can hold (Pcs)

14.5*9.5cm,3-ply, 25+25+35gsm

50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/ctn


3,280,000 Pcs

14.5*9.5cm,3-ply, 20+20+25gsm

50 pcs/box, 40 boxes/ctn


4,050,000 Pcs

Remark: all can be special customized according to your actual requirements

We have rich experience in loading containers
1. Before loading, we will inspect container if it’s good tightness, odorless
2. During loading Special supervision to ensure the quantity are correct
3. Professional loading, make full use of container space


Industry News

Different colors PP spunbond non-woven polypropylene filament advent

Binglun fiber because it is difficult to color has been limiting its application in industry, most recently, Wenzhou Tianlun developed a variety of colors PP Binglun filament spunbond nonwoven fabric.

This spunbond nonwovens for industrial, agricultural, medical and health, packaging, clothing, shoe, other, etc., used widely: for body care cloth, waterproofing membrane fabric, automotive fabrics, filter materials cloth, tablecloths, sofa mattress ticking, protective clothing, gowns, masks, hats, bed sheets, pillowcases, cuff, disposable underwear fabrics, composite materials, shoe lining, shoe, shoe covers, and all kinds of cement powder product packaging bags, are store bag, shopping bag, garment bag, gift bags, luggage lining integrated with a cloth. Very promising.

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