Disposable Hospital Use Lab Coat

Disposable lab coats fall just below the knee.
Made with protective multi-layer non-woven material that is fluid-resistant, breathable and comfortable.
Knit collar, knit cuffs, snap front
Not made with natural rubber latex
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Product Details

Product Specification:


Blue,Others like white,dark blue etc.


Non woven SMS 45gsm


knitted cuff, knitted collar, front with 4pcs buttons, two pockets


S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL( details, you could check below)


10pcs/bag, 50pcs/ctn, or 10pcs/bag, 10bags/ctn, as your require

Our Standard

CE, ISO13485, FDA

 Disposable hospital use lab coat (2)


Different styles of lab coat

Style 1

Single collar,

open cuff,

front with snap,

no pocket

Style 2

Single collar,

elastic cuff,

front with snap,

no pocket


Style 3

Knit collar,

knit cuff,

front with snap,

three pockets


Style 4

Single collar,

elastic cuff,

3 pockets


Style 5

Custom, as your needs

Custom logo printed, Custom collar, cuff, pockets

And so on








Disposable Laboratory Coat:
Destination:  Barrier protection for food processing and handling, manufacturing, farming, painting, gardening, household cleaning, cooking, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, protective, laboratorial, catering and industrial sectors. It is good for workers in hospitals, clinics, electronic workplaces, restaurants, hotels, catering, and food processing workshops.


The material for disposable lab coat

LDPE lab coat is short for PE lab coat made of low-density polyethylene films.

HDPE lab coat is made of high-density polyethylene material. Generally they are called disposable PE laboratory lab coat, or or simply plastic lab coat. For the present HDPE lab coats are cheaper. Whereas LDPE lab coats are better in quality. Pure or recircled materials are available.

Also spun-bonded polypropylene non-woven fabric or spunbond+melblown+spunbond non-woven fabric is widely used to make PP or SMS lab coat. For better quality, PP or SMS coated PE lab coat is a good choice for water-proof purpose. Polyethylene film coated polyprolylene non-woven fabric for disposable PP+PE lab coat is a combination of PE lab coat and PP lab coat.

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