Level 3 Gown Ultrasonic Seam

Advantage of level 3 gown ultrasonic seam
1, Feature: Ultrasonic seam on arm sleeve and shoulder
Can reach to AAMI level 3 standard
PP+PE material, waterproof, yellow or blue color
Velcro on collar, ties on waist
2, Package: 10pcs/bag, 100pcs/ctn. Or as your request.
3, Certificate:CE, ISO13485, FDA,
4, Test report: AAMI level 3 report
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Product Details

The property 



One-piece, single-use surgical gown; non-woven

Secure protection (ultrasonic technology), tear-resistant and flame retardant

Anti-fluid, anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-static

Durable, comfortable, lightweight, breathable PP+PE material

Ultrasonic technology in arm and sleeve/cuff; comfortable collar with soft white spun lace


Detail Specification 


level 3 gown ultrasonic seam


PP+PE non woven




Supersonic bonding, long sleeve, knitted cuffs, with hooks & loops at neck, two wide ties ultrasonic seam on waist


round neck


long sleeves



cuff Style

knitting cuff


M~XXL available


1pcs/sterile paper bag,50pcs/ctn 

Usage and Notes

1. This product shall not be worn for more than four hours (must be replaced regularly).

2. Please check whether the product is in good condition before use, if there is packing cracking, breakage. production date and batch number is blurred or has exceeded the validity period. it is forbidden to use.

3. Please read this instruction carefully before wearing.

4. This product is a disposable product, do not reuse.

Contraindication  No

Duration of use  is valid for three years and expired Is prohibited. 

Storage Condition This product shall be stored in a non corrosive gas, cool, dry. ventilate and clean environment with a relative humidity of not more than 80%.

Mode of transport Transport should prevent heavy pressure. rain, sun, loading and unloading should be carefully operated.

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