Disposable Sterile Surgical Gown Kit

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Product Details

1. Samples and customization available.
2. Professional QC to control the product quality. All products comply with quality standard
3. Have enough experience and gained a high reputation from our customers all the world.
4. Quick payment, prompt delivery and competitive price.
5. Stable quality and best after-sale service.
6. OEM service is available.





Four ties on back waist,knitted cuff,hook and loop at back neck.
Sewing under ultrasonic heat bonding (also available by 3-lines sewing machine)




Blue, etc.

Carton size

50*28*40 cm


Sterile,1 pcs/sterile bag,50 pcs/ctn
Non sterile pack,5pc/bag,50pc/carton

Packing design

All inner bag and carton printing can be as your design

Grams weight

SMS 45-65 gsm (comfortable, without glass fibres, latex free.)


Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.
Dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on

Quality control
1, Produce samples per customer requirement.
2, Bulk order production exactly per confirmed sample.
3, Purchase raw material and do fabric incoming inspection.
4, Production process inspection.
5, Inspection of finished products before storage.
6, The salesman go warehouse and do final inspection before goods ship.
7, We can do inspection report or online video per customer requirement if you need.

Product Pictures:


1, Produced under Ultrasonic thermal bonding process,good protective for liquid leak out compare to standard sewing way.

2,Half or Full reinforced with plastic or adhesive can do double protection to prevent the blood splash on doctor.

3,With some of the most advanced SMS fabric available, offer a high level of comfort
dependable protection from five fabric layers, three densely-packed meltblown layers sandwiched between two strong spunbound outer layers , for an excellent barrier against fluids and pathogens,

4,Special coating treatment, 100% dust proof property can effectively prevent harmful ultra-fine dust, high concentration inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution.

5,Pass the blood and derived virus penetration test, proved to be able to prevent the invasion of body fluids, blood and blood-borne pathogens.


Our normal packing:

1. Sterile 1pcs/EO sterile bag, 50bags in one carton

2. Carton size:50*28*40cm, as your demands

3. If you buy 1x20GP, the quantity will be 24550pcs

If you buy 1X40HQ, the quantity will be 60250pcs

Non sterile 10pc/bag,100pc/compressed in one carton,

Carton size 56x30x40cm

1x20ft can load around 40900pcs

1x40ft can load around 100400pcs

Packing photos for reference



Traditional sterile surgical clothing:

The users has washed his hands via surgeon and till hands try ,

Removed the sterile surgical clothing and hand towels from the opened sterile bag.

Grabbed the collar two horns, toward inside yourself,

Find a spacious place and shook it out fully,

Focus eye on sleeve entrance, light up, hands quickly into sleeve,

Two arms forward sleeve unbend

The users put their hands out of sleeve by the assist of visiting nurse fasten the back cloth.

Visiting nurse further fastened collar, lace-up back,fingers crossed filed belt.

Wear the gloves on hands to cover the sleeve or cuff to do full protection.

Attention when wearing surgical gown.

After putting on the surgical gown, put your hands half out on your chest to avoid touching people or objects around you.Do not put your hands under your armpits, above your shoulders or lower than your waist.

After surgery, nurses help to take off gown,standing front and catch gown collar down and take off the clothes.

Loading container:

We have rich experience on loading containers, we are nearby Wuhan Inland China sea port, which can truck ship container directly out of warehouse, our workers are familiar and check the containers whether good and non leak proof before loading, then check the total goods volume, then start loading.

We are doing our best to keep all goods load right and in good shape, if you have special requirement, we also can meet your requirement.


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