Disposable PE Reinforced Sterile Surgical Gown

Produced under Ultrasonic thermal bonding process,good protective for liquid leak out compare to standard sewing way.Full reinforced with plastic can do blood prevent.
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1, Produced under Ultrasonic thermal bonding process,good protective for liquid leak out compare to standard sewing way.Full reinforced with plastic can do blood prevent.

2, With some of the most advanced SMS fabric available, offer a high level of comfort
dependable protection from five fabric layers, three densely-packed meltblown layers sandwiched between two strong spunbound outer layers , for an excellent barrier against fluids and pathogens,

3, Reinforced layer can do double protection to prevent the blood splash on doctor.






Four ties on back waist,knitted cuff,hook and loop at back neck.




Blue, etc.

Carton size

50*28*40 cm


Sterile,1 pcs/sterile bag,50 pcs/ctn
Non sterile pack,5pc/bag,50pc/carton

Packing design

All inner bag and carton printing can be as your design

Grams weight

SMS 45-65 gsm (comfortable, without glass fibres, latex free.)


Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.
Dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on

Product Pictures:

Our normal packing:

1. Sterile 1pcs/EO sterile bag, 50bags in one carton

2. Carton size:50*28*40cm, as your demands

3. If you buy 1x20GP, the quantity will be 24550pcs

If you buy 1X40HQ, the quantity will be 60250pcs

Non sterile 10pc/bag,100pc/compressed in one carton,

Carton size 56x30x40cm

1x20ft can load around 40900pcs

1x40ft can load around 100400pcs

Packing photos for reference


Gown Design and Interfaces

The design of the gown and interfaces can also contribute to the barrier performance in addition to the fabric properties.

The characteristics of an ideal gown have been well defined in the literature. Some of the characteristics of an ideal gown listed are: barrier effectiveness, functionality or mobility, comfort, cost, strength, fit, time to don and doff, biocompatibility, flammability, odor, and quality maintenance.

The interfaces are as critical for the protection of healthy workers as the fabrics used for the gowns. The construction of a garment, particularly in critical locations such as the glove-gown interface, can render it ineffective. The area most vulnerable to strike-through (the extent of liquid penetration through the fabric) were found to be the cuff, forearm, thigh, chest, and abdomen. A study examining those areas found that 70% to 80% of the gowns reported leakages. Leakage often occurred in the gown/glove interface.

In general, gowns sold on the marketplace currently have three different types of cuffs: elastic around the wrist (disposable) or cotton or cotton/polyester blend knit cuffs (disposable and reusables), and thumb loops (disposable and reusables) . According to ANSI/AAMI PB70 classification, cuffs are not considered as a critical zone, so the material used on the cuff does not necessarily have barrier protection. In order to eliminate the strike-through through the cuffs, gloving over the cuff is strictly recommended. However this may not provide adequate protection depending on the task performed and amount of blood involved. One of the latest solutions to keep the gown wrist in place is thumb loops. Meyer and Beck proposed a gown redesign that creates a dart at the terminal forearm, sealed by a liquid-proof method and then similarly sealing the proximal end of the glove to the sleeve.


Different wrist designs for isolation gowns (elastic cuff, knit cuff, and thumb loops from left to the right)

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