Restaurant Disposable Caps

21" breathable, non-woven SpunBonded Polypropylene
Elastic headband offers a comfortable, non-slipping fit
Sanitary head cover keeps hair out of your eyes and away from your work
Latex-free elastic
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Product Details


Disposable caps keeps hair covered for a more sanitary and hygienic environment.

Perfect for food service, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and clean room environments where hair must be kept covered to prevent contamination.


Detail specifications of the disposable caps:


 PP non woven 9-30g


Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic ,Comfortable, High breathability, fiberglass free, latex free


Tie on back head  and made by machine




green,blue (all colors can be available)



bulk pack,100pcs/ bag,1000pcs /carton, ctn size 45*25*38cm,
1*20 foot container can load:643 cases(643,000 pcs), 
1*40 high container can load:1565 cases(1565,000pcs)

Packing design

All inner bag and carton printing can be as your design



Why should you wear the disposable caps?

The last thing a consumer wants to find in their food or pharmaceutical product is human hair and for this reason hygienic work environments are critical to businesses that make or package consumer food products, pharmaceuticals, assemble electronics or treat patients.

Hospitals need to keep wounds free from infection and factories can't afford production shut downs or product recalls because of human contamination so many seek relief by implementing disposable bouffant hair caps for their production workers. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are inexpensive, simple to use and provide effective protection against product contamination.  Bouffant caps or hair caps also keep an individuals hair out of their eyes when working and this increases productivity.

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