Disposable Round Cap For Food Workshop

★ disposable cap, just use and throw away, clean and efficient
★ Prevent hair from falling into the food and prevent hair and sweat from entering the eyes
★Flexible design around the head to ensure a firm fit
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Product Details

Product description:

Color:White, blue, green, pink, yellow

Type: disposable round cap

Material: Polypropylene

Size: 18’’, 19’’, 20’’, 21’’, 24’’

Package: 100pcs per bag or box, 1000pcs per carton

MOQ: 100,000Pcs


Packing picture:




l1. Widely used in hospital, medical, restaurant, medicine check, hotel, housework,painting and coating industry,printing and dyeing industry, beauty salon, food processing etc.

l2. Sterile products are used for hospital clinical medical personnel.


How to wear a disposable caps?

The types of disposable caps are: strip cap, non woven round cap, plastic round hat. Many hospital often use a disposable strip surgical cap.

And the way to wear disposable strip surgery cap is:

Choose the appropriate size of the hat, should fully cover the hair and hairline hairline, hat should be tightened tight band or elastic band to prevent the hair in the hair scattered.

Long hair, wearing a hat before the beam hair, will be all the hair into a cap, and both ends of disposable surgical cap closing strip must be placed on both sides of the ear, not allowed on the forehead or other parts.

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