Non Woven Single Pack Bed Sheets

Easy to install
Disposable, very hygienic
Universal in use
Is packed individually, EO sterile
Corners are finished off with elastic
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Why choose a disposable bed sheet?

Disposable bed sheets help keep massage and esthetic tables sanitary because they're made with a soft, thick, breathable non woven fabric. What a great invention for anyone that uses many sheets and are tired of stained bedding. These disposable bed sheets are just what you need.





SMS non woven 35g


Light blue, dark blue, others also available


Flat style,


90*110cm, 100*120cm, as your requirements


1pc/paper plastic bag, can be OEM


Range from 20g - 50gsm or customized


breathable, soft, disposable, water-resistant


This style is hot sale in medical, hospital, beauty, massage


Sterile bag package, 1pc/bag




1. What are benefits of NON WOVEN fabric? 

Non woven fabrics are liquid repellent, absorbent, washable and soft. They are also stretchy, flame retardant, strong, durable and sterile. It can be made to mimic the appearance of textured woven fabrics.

The fabric has a reusable life cycle, depending on what it’s used for. In hospitals, schools, nursing homes and luxury accommodations, where disposable products are important, non woven fabric would only be used once. Its cost effective feature makes it attractive and durable for disposable products.


2. Are they environmentally friendly? 

Non woven fabric is made from oil-based and recycled materials. If non woven fabric is disposed correctly, they can be recycled. 
It is an eco-friendly material in the sense that it does not harm animals or the Earth as much as the production of traditional fabrics. Its high durability and strength means the fabric can be reused repeatedly.

3. What is it used for? 

Non woven fabric is commonly known to be used for gift and flower wrapping. It’s also used in hospitals as a bacterial barrier because it ensures hygiene in surgical gowns and medical masks. 
Other practical applications are in reusable green shopping bags, garment bags and totes. Commercial uses include padding, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and filtration; as well as in combination with other materials for apparel and home furnishings.

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