Orient Honest Group Co.,Limited

Company Profile Orient Honest Group Co.,limited (referred to as “Orient Honest”)is a professional manufacturer and exporter of disposable protective products in Wuhan China with over16 years solid experience around worldwide market , providing a comprehensive range of disposable products to serve your need on personal safety applications. Our mainly product lines: disposable face masks,protective coveralls, surgical gowns, lab coats,bed sheets, surgical caps, shoe covers, arm

Hot Products

    • Ultra Soft Anti-fog Disposable Mask

      Ultra Soft Anti-fog Disposable Mask

      - Non-linting materials are smooth and comfortable to eliminate skin irritation
      - Highly breathable construction layers remain cool, even during long cases
      - Anti-fog masks are available with foam or film to prevent fogging

    • Disposable Dental Mouth Mask

      Disposable Dental Mouth Mask

      1. Light weight-Material light and fluffy, smooth on the skin
      2. Breathable-dense stomata on surface, no stuffy
      3. Soft-Moderate softness, great comfort during prolonged ware

    • Disposable Mouth Mask for Medical Use

      Disposable Mouth Mask for Medical Use

      Meltblown filter layer, electrostatic adsorption function, filter 90% particles
      Width is 6.89inch, height can be stretched from 3.54 to 6.1inch
      Invisible nose clips for shaping, soft earloop to reduce the burden on the ears